Here are some common questions about ABOX

What is abox?

We are Crowd-maker & Making People Happy. Since 2007 we have successfully attracted tens of millions of people to bellows-the-lines launching of leading brands and products of Coca Cola, Honda, Paddle Pop and SCTV throughout Indonesia. All thanks to dozens of Arcade games that we design and produce ourselves in our workshop in Jakarta.

What are the advantages abox from the others?

We are a pioneer of Game Activation. We start with a good understanding, about what player needs and want, Continuing by our strong research, and development to innovate games that fit for everybody.

What are abox services?

We have 3 types of services: New Game, Game Template, & Custom Game. For more details please visit to

Anytime can I meet an abox team?

Whenever our partners can meet us, we are always open to communicate with many partners. You just need to schedule a meeting by phone, and we’re happy to set it up.

Does Abox have legal company?

Of course, we have a legal company called PT. Wahana Permainan Interaktif. You do not have to worry about our credibility, because we have been in the world for a long time.